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Royally Jacked

Royally Jacked

Valerie has it all. Great friends, decent grades, and the guy she's been crushing on since, oh, kindergarten, is finally noticing her.

Then her mother announces that (1) she's gay, and (2) she's leaving Valerie's father for a woman. Just as Valerie's trying to absorb the my-parents-are- divorcing-and-mom's-a-lesbian double bombshell, her father announces he's gotten a new job as protocol chief to the royal family of some obscure European country.

Does Valerie move in with her mom and mom's new girlfriend? Or go with her dad, leaving all her friends and a potential boyfriend for a country she can hardly pronounce?

Royally Jacked...a romantic comedy for every girl who thinks she's met her prince.

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Indiebound Amazon Barnes & Noble
Simon Pulse, December 2003, ISBN: 978-0689866685

Indiebound Amazon Barnes & Noble